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July 28, 2014

Sales conversion techniques

It takes a lot of planning, execution and effort to drive traffic to your agency’s website. But as many businesses are learning, more traffic doesn’t always translate into higher sales volume. So it’s a good idea to pay attention to your conversion rate—the total number of website visitors compared to the number of visitors who take a desired action (purchase, sign up for a newsletter, request a quote or whatever you want visitors to do).

To beef up your conversion rate, to turn passive website viewers into engaged purchasers, consider these tips from conversion marketing experts:

  • Think like a site visitor: Experience what it’s like to visit your site for the first time.
    • Does your eye know where to land when the home page loads?
    • Do you see the most important graphic elements, or do you have to hunt for them?
    • Does the design do the heavy lifting, guiding your eye to the most important places on each page?
    • Are the navigation labels clear? Are they easy to read?
    • Is it easy to figure out what to expect when you click on them?
    • Are there unnecessary visual elements that can be removed?
    • Is the copy easy to see and read?
  • This kind of analysis helps you develop a site that gets results.

  • Communicate your unique selling proposition: There are plenty of insurance agencies competing for the same customers. What makes yours unique? Why should a prospect sign with you and not someone else? Do some research and craft a unique selling proposition that’s relevant and compelling, then make sure it comes across unmistakably on every page of your website.
  • Add something with perceived value: This is just basic selling. Offer a free consultation. Or a discount for new clients. It’ll give fence-sitters an added incentive to make the right decision.
  • Give something away: Rather than starting off trying to close a sale, establish your credibility by offering a freebie—something that your best customers will value. Offer relevant information like you’d find in a newsletter. Or updates on new regulations and trends. Or something else that reinforces your unique selling proposition and your expertise.
  • Supplement with social media: Your website may be interactive, it just sits there waiting to be looked at. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, help you engage with your audience. They hit your prospects where they live and can bridge the gap between a prospect’s life and your service. Social media can also help you humanize your agency’s brand identity and add relevance that prospects will appreciate.
  • Make your pitch compelling: Strong copy compels action. Weak copy just confuses or annoys the reader. This is one area where it pays to invest in quality. Hire a professional—someone with a track record—to make your case in ways that resonate with your audience.
  • Call for action: It may seem obvious to you, but someone visiting your website needs to be told, explicitly and clearly, exactly what you want him or her to do. And how to do it. Your call to action is the online equivalent of closing an in-person sale or asking for the order. Always remember to include it. It should have urgency and be easy to accomplish. “Request your free quote today.”

You may not see an increase in traffic to your website, but when you follow these simple tips you’ll see a big jump in conversions and sales.

Source: business2community

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